Ju-Jitsu Training

A typical Ju-Jitsu training session is generally made up of three parts.

The lesson starts with a warming up session that has three main objectives

  • Get the heart working and warm up muscles to avoid injury
  • Exercises to increase the strength of the body
  • Stretching techniques to incease flexibility and further reduce the risk of strained muscles

After the warm up students are usually split into similar ability groups (and in the case of children similar age groups also). In this section of the lesson students work on Ju-Jitsu or other martial arts techniques, demonstrated by the instructor. The techniques shown may either come from the club syllabus for the student's current grade, or elsewhere depending on the individual training interests and capability of the student. This section forms the bulk of the lesson and students will normally practice between 4 and 6 techniques in any one training session.

The final part of the lesson varies at the discression of the instruction (we like to keep a few surprises you know!) but may include whole class teaching of non-syllabus techniques, demonstration (by the instructor or one of the students) or games for the children.

For more information about Ju-Jitsu training or clubs in your area please contact us.

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