Kobudo is the study of traditional martial arts weapons. Training in Kobudo is available in clubs within the Salford Ju Jitsu Group. However due to the safety considerations when training with weapons students are normally expected to have progressed to a resonable level in an unarmed martial art before attempting to master the Kobudo weapons.

The main weapons normally covered by Kobudo training are: Nunchaka, Tonfa, Jo, Sai, Bo, Kama, Kubotan, Naginata and Katana (training in other weapons can also be provided). Please note that for safety reasons during initial training non-live (without a sharp edge) versions are used, also soft foam covered nunchaka are used initially. Click on the link to find out more about the Kobudo weapons..

Training in Kobudo generally concentrates on one weapon per grade. A student will normally be expected to master a number of aspects of the weapon. This may include:

  • Basic blocking techniques
  • Basic striking techniques
  • Kata
  • Practical application of the weapon

In addition to this the student is required to provide a piece of written work on the weapon studied covering it's origin, construction, practical use, strengths, weaknesses etc.

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