Grading Information

Gradings are the method by which the progress of students is assessed and the belts (or grades) awarded. A grading will begin much like any other lesson, but during it's course students will be called away into a seperate room (usually in groups of similar grade). Here students will be asked to demonstrate the techniques that they have learnt and answer questions related to the grade for which they are being tested. Some nerves are normal in this situation but try not to worry too much! Good luck!

Salford Ju-Jitsu Group run gradings four times a year. The first grading is usually held in March with others in June, Spetember and December. The specific timing of gradings can vary so please check with your instructor for further information. The date of the next grading will normally be displayed on the website and in the Dojo.

Gradings are held at the Eccles club in Byron Street on Saturday afternoons. For information on how to find this club either speak to your instructor or click on the link below.

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Eligibility for gradings is not automatic and depends on a number of factors including the student's ability, attendence and attitude. Your instructor will advise you if you are to be graded in the near future.

If you have any further questions about grading then please feel free to contact one of the instructors.

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